The worst writing ever sold

I exaggerate. Yahoo! staffers have produced much worse writing than this blurb on Yahoo! Shine:

It does, however, contain a high error-to-word ratio, which could have been avoided if there was a competent editor involved in its creation.

That capitalized The in the movie title would be OK, if the writer had kept the colon after the word Presents. The comma that separates a subject from its verb is just plain wrong. The title of the movie “Super Size Me” is wrong, too. And the typo and is an easy one to spot and correct.

So, this isn’t the worst writing. It’s just typical of content from Yahoo!’s writers and editors, who are presumably paid to write. If only they were paid to write correctly…


2 Responses to “The worst writing ever sold”

  1. Tricia Says:

    This site reminds me of Bonnie Trenga, author of the Curious Case of the Missplaced Modifier. She cracks me up when she posts grammatically incorrect sentences she finds from reputable media.

    I can now add you to my list of dream editors for my own writing.

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