A look back at her writing

You just know that starting off with a missing word in a headline can’t be good. And you could probably guess it happened on Yahoo! Shine:

Yes, it’s the start of an error-filled article, which continues with a hyphen dropped from 5-decade and a missing indefinite article:

The sloppiness continues with the unnecessary “at the time” and the miscapitalized Gaga:

No article on Shine would be complete without a dangling modifier that leads to unintended hilarity. After implying that Cher’s hair was half of the singing duo, the writer gives a photo credit to a rather oddly named source:

Generally, the title of TV shows are in quotation marks on Shine (but there’s no consistency on the site), and the then husband could use a hyphen:

This should have some quotation marks around it ’cause it’s a title:

This should be Brigitte Nielsen:

and this shouldn’t have a typo:

Looking back at her writing? No thanks.


One Response to “A look back at her writing”

  1. Carla's Dad Says:

    It looks like Yahoo is part of the “dumbing down” of America with crap like this. I fear that the younger generation will read this (and other articles on Yahoo) and think that it’s now OK to ignore the rules of grammar, spelling, etc.

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