Why am I surprised?

It really shouldn’t be surprising that the editors for the Yahoo! front page has such a limited and erroneous vocabulary that they think beau can be a female. A beau is a boyfriend of a girl or woman; it can also mean a fop or dandy.


Who doesn’t know that?

Is there anyone over the age of consent who doesn’t know that the song-writing duo was Rodgers and Hammerstein? And that there’s an apostrophe missing here on Yahoo! Movies?

Yahoo! Movies has managed to hire a writer who knows nothing about writing or movies. What are the chances of that?

Rice bowls or toilet bowls in NYC’s Financial District?


So, I’m reading the Yahoo! News blog “The Cutline,” when I come across this reference to the bowls of the Financial District:

I immediately thought of toilet bowls (it’s something that often enters my subconscious when reading Yahoo! News). But maybe the reporter was thinking of rice bowls. Or cereal, soup, or sugar bowls.

I was still trying to resolve the whole bowls issue when Frank Gehry’s name popped into my head. Maybe it was something else I read in that article.

Yeah, that’s it. It does kinda look like Mr. Gehry.


At least they spelled Shia LaBeouf’s name correctly

Ya gotta give credit to the writers at Yahoo! Movies; they managed to spell Mr. LaBeouf’s name right. Too bad about John Turturro’s, though.

Erin or Eric Heatherton?

In a world where the names Taylor, Morgan, and Ashley could be attached to a girl or a guy, it’s possible that Eric is a female. Or, it’s more likely that the cinema experts at Yahoo! Movies have misspelled Erin Heatherton’s name:

What’s the Buzz Aldrin?

Is this supposed to be Buzz Aldrin on Yahoo! Movies?

I know that the writers for Yahoo! Movies have no idea how to spell the names of most people in the movie industry, but how can they misspell Buzz Aldrin’s name?

Reader beware!

e goofy format of this opening paragraph from Yahoo! News‘ “The Ticket” should have been all the warning I needed. But did I stop reading? Noooo. I soldiered on, only to learn that a poll was taken after a legislative vote. Or maybe it was before a legislative vote. Who knows?!

Such is the reliability of the information the unsuspecting reader can expect from the reporters at Yahoo! News. Consider yourself warned.

Bryan Cranston, but shorter

Actor Bryan Cranston gets a tad shorter in this photo caption from Yahoo! Movies:

What do Joel Schumacher and Emilio Estevez have in common?

What do they have in common? For one thing, the misspellings on Yahoo! Movies:

Oh, there’s also a little matter of a non-sentence and an incorrect apostrophe.

Gross errors

This photo caption on Yahoo! Movies is just gross:

 John Cusack, the Illinois-born actor starred in “Grosse Pointe Blank.”

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