Writing Report Card: F

If you can’t spell, don’t know anything about fashion or movies, you have no business writing a Fashion Report Card for Yahoo! Movies. But you’re the perfect candidate for a Writing Report Card! Let’s take a look at some of your musings and let’s give them a grade (and maybe a snarky comment).

Misspelled glamour
Grade: D-
The only reason you didn’t get a failing grade is that it’s almost understandable. The adjective form is glamorous, so perhaps you thought the noun form was glamor. It isn’t and a spell-checker would have told you that.

Misspelled makeup
Grade: D
Depending on the authority, the noun is either makeup or make-up. According to all authorities, it’s not make up.

Misplaced word; misspelled Elie Saab
Grade: F
This should be “but sometimes even icons get it wrong.” There’s no excuse for misspelling Elie Saab.

Misspelled glamour
Grade: D-

Misspelled movie title, “Les Bien-Aimes”
Grade: F
No excuse. No excuse at all.

Misspelled Calvin Klein
Grade: F
Screw up Calvin Klein and you automatically go to Misspell Hell.

Homophonous error
Grade: D-
I’d like to compliment the writer on his or her talents. I’ll let you know if I discover any.

Incorrect punctuation
Grade: D-
This is a rather creative use of punctuation: Who would have thought to use a hyphen to join an adjective to the noun it modifies?

Incorrect comparative of an adjective; misspelled glamour
Grade: F
Maybe this is just a trendier spelling of glamor. Or maybe the writer is a little slow.

Incorrect punctuation; typo
Grade: F
Oh, gawd, this is awful.

Misspelled coif
Grade: D
An understandable misspelling of coif. But it’s still wrong.

Incorrect movie name “Les Bien-Aimes”
Grade: F-
Misspelling two out of three words in a movie title? You need to turn in your keyboard.

Overall Grade: A big, fat effin’ F


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