Who’s responsible for this everyday error?

Every day, there’s a homophonic error on Yahoo!. This time, it’s on Yahoo! TV‘s “Primetime in No Time”:

Whose error is it? Probably the person who made this error in the same article: 


4 Responses to “Who’s responsible for this everyday error?”

  1. proof edit copy Says:

    Oh dear, looks like someone decided they didn’t need to proofread because they’d already used spell check.

  2. Daily Blog Love | Says:

    […] from Terribly Write’s short and sharp blows to the hand-hinges of the editors of major publications who let errors slip […]

  3. Brett Says:

    The first one particularly gets to me because, at least in my dialect, they are not even homophones. The orthography is actually a good indication of the difference in pronunciation, since “every day” is pronounced as two words (i.e. each having its own stress) and “everyday” is pronounced as one word (i.e. “-day” is not stressed). Thus it surprises me how frequently this error appears.

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