Botox downgraded

The registered trademark Botox has been downgraded to a common noun by the brainy folks who write headlines for the Yahoo! front page:


A stain on Sebastian Stan

Actually, it’s a stain on Yahoo! Movies for misspelling Sebastian Stan:

What tumbled?

Stocks tumble. Or a stock tumbles. Or something else. Who can tell what tumbled when you’re reading Yahoo! front page?

A high school dropout could do better

Even a high school dropout could have done a better job here than the writer for Yahoo! Shine:

The newlywed is Courtney Stodden.

Subject matter knowledge optional

Knowing how to write correctly and having a knowledge of the cinema are optional for writers at Yahoo! Movies. Whoever gave the title to “The Barkleys of Broadway” knew a lot more about punctuation and forming a plural (and spelling) than the writer for Yahoo! Movies:

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