Once in a while, you make a mistake

Once in a while a mistake appears on the Yahoo! front page:

Ha-ha! I was kidding. I am a kidder. Mistakes appear on yahoo.com every day. This time it’s the use of the adverb awhile following a preposition like in or for. The correct form is a while.


Looking dim

When writing about Luis Bunuel, you might want to take a little time to ensure you can actually spell his name, because you look really stupid if you spell it the way the writer for Yahoo! Movies:

Failing to realize that French is a proper noun and getting the title of the film “Belle de Jour” wrong will also make you look dimwitted.

The treatment to the English language

What do you think of this treatment of the language by the political reporter for Yahoo! News‘ “The Ticket”? It’s pretty good — except for a wrong word, a missing word, and an undercapitalized word:

The reporter meant “the treatment of American Muslims to the plight of Southern blacks.” But I quibble.

Would that be both bodyguards?

Well, two of two would be the same as both, wouldn’t it? I’m guessing that’s what the reporter for Yahoo! News‘ “The Envoy” meant:

I’m also guessin’ she meant to type bodyguards.

Jeffrey Dahmer butchered!

Jeffrey Dahmer was butchered by the ham-fingered editors working on the Yahoo! front page:

Ella-va misspelling

You might think this was a simple typo on Yahoo! Movies:

Until you read the caption on the accompanying photo:


It’s an ella-va misspelling of Elia Kazan.

What is Kat Von D missing?

What is Kat Von D missing? Besides an engagement ring? On Yahoo! Shine, the tattoo artist is missing part of her name:

Boehner’s lastest bill to reduce spending by $9.18 a year!

In a startling turnaround, House Speaker Boehner proposed raising the debt ceiling by $900 billion and reducing the growth of spending by an average of $9.18 a year over the next ten years.

The Yahoo! News blog “The Ticket” is the first (and likely the only) source for this astounding development.

Don’t be so quick to click

This may be the shortest blog post ever published by a Yahoo! Shine staffer:

Tsk, tsk. Maybe next time Sarah Bernard won’t be so quick to click the Publish button.

A unruly error on yahoo.com

It’s an unruly indefinite article that nudged out the correct word on the Yahoo! front page:

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