A little father on the beach

How tall is a little father? Just ask the writer for Yahoo! omg!:


Embarrassing writing question, answered

Where’s the most embarrassing place a writer can make a mistake? In a headline:

Thanks to Yahoo! Shine for illustrating the point.

Charlie Gasparino’s gender reassignment

Newsman Charlie Gasparino gets a gender reassignment from the reporter for “The Cutline” on Yahoo! News:

A confidante is a female to whom secrets are confided; the word the writer should have used is confidant.

The food-bourne identity

Was the writer for Yahoo! Shine sitting at a crusted-over keyboard? Maybe she couldn’t find the apostrophe key, so she couldn’t type neighbor’s. Perhaps the U key was caked in Skippy peanut butter, and she didn’t realize that she accidentally pressed it when trying to punch out food-borne:

Perchance the A key was buried under Oreo crumbs and she didn’t know she tapped it. And the Shift key didn’t work when she was typing Facebook.

Or maybe the writer just doesn’t care.

Whose mistake is that?

Who’s responsible for this homophonic error on Yahoo! omg!?

How long could it take?

C’mon, how long would it take to look up the spelling of the movie “Colombiana”? Apparently too long for the writer for Yahoo! omg! to bother:

Can you Telluride from your left?

If you can tell the difference between “premiered of film” and “premier of films,” you’re way ahead of the writer for Yahoo! Movies:

If you know how to spell “Mulholland Drive,” you could be a writer for Yahoo!. On second thought, you’d probably be overqualified.

Raking in a film

Did you know that director Joel Schumacher played a gardener in “Batman Forever,” raking leaves? Either that or the writer for Yahoo! Movies is unfamiliar with common English idioms:

The expression “raked in” means “gathered in abundance,” which makes no sense here.

Leaved again?

If you leave more than once, have you releaved? You’ll be relieved to know that there is no such word as releaved, except in the mind of a  Yahoo! Shine staffer:

Whatever happened to running a spell-check on articles before they’re published?

Jan Cornet and then some

The writer for Yahoo! Movies gives Jan Cornet a little bit more than necessary:

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