Were you hitting the Chick Beer before you wrote that?

Was the writer for Yahoo! Shine dipping into the Chick Beer before she sat down at the keyboard? That could explain the misspelled curlicue, silhouette, and technique:

Perhaps she was a bit tipsy when she decided that palate (which means “the roof of a mouth” or “a sense of taste”) was the correct word instead of palette (which refers to colors):

Is this evidence of more alcohol-fueled typing? A six-pack deserves a hyphen when it’s used as a modifier, you’re is just laughingly wrong, and there’s two commas missing (to set off liquor industry):

My advice to the writer? Next time, wait a bit after imbibing before you try to type; otherwise, you just end up looking like an idiot.


2 Responses to “Were you hitting the Chick Beer before you wrote that?”

  1. Vera C Says:

    I can always tell when you’re writing about a piece by Piper Weiss. She has got to be the worst writer to ever be paid.

    • Laura Says:

      What’s really unfortunate is that she could be a really entertaining writer IF she had an editor to clean up her messes before they’re published.

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