About your less-than-perfect writing

Whoever picked these headlines for the Yahoo! front page should have done a little editing before subjecting the public to them:

I know I don’t have to tell you that Halloween needs a capital letter and less-than-perfect needs some hyphens. I also don’t have to tell regular readers of Terribly Write where these headlines come from: they’ve already figured out that they’re headlines appearing on Shine, Yahoo!’s very own site for women.


4 Responses to “About your less-than-perfect writing”

  1. aarongraham Says:

    LOL…Yahoo is notorious for typos like this. I’ve seen others…usueally several times a week, but good eye.

  2. Laura Says:

    Yahoo! staffers make more errors than I can count every day. These are hardly the worst, but the fact that they appeared on yahoo.com makes them even more egregious.

  3. Booknotized (Anna) Says:

    haha! i love it! (though, i’m often too lazy to worry with correct punctuation in my comments…LoL)

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