A shoo-in for dumbest error of the day

No question about it: This is a shoo-in for the worst error of the day, and it’s on the Yahoo! front page, where hundreds of people can see it, point, and laugh:

It’s not the first time the writers at Yahoo! have confused shoo with shoe. It’s happened lots of times! I’d love to know what they think shoe-in means.

2 Responses to “A shoo-in for dumbest error of the day”

  1. Michael Says:

    Maybe they think it means something like having a shoe in the door, as in you’re sure to read it anyway, so who cares about the quality of the actual post?

    Wouldn’t put it past Yahoo News, really.

    • Laura Says:

      Ah, it pains me to admit it, but that whole “shoe in the door” theory almost makes sense. Except the expression is “foot in the door,” in which case he’d be a foot-in to win.

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