Rolling in the aisle

They’d be rolling in the aisle on Fair Isle, after reading this on Yahoo! omg!:

First off, Fair Isle is a knitting technique named after the island in Scotland. It is not a manufacturer of the jacket little Justin Bieber wore. The wool and leather jacket was in the Fair Isle style and made by Junya Watanabe.


4 Responses to “Rolling in the aisle”

  1. Krumble Kakes Says:

    Ugh! This is possibly the worst homophone error I’ve read in a long time. What an idiot!

  2. Marianne F. Says:

    LOL. I’m imagining some 20-something writing this. Someone whose entire knowledge of the world was formed watching the Kardashians. Someone who has never read a book or watched 5 minutes of CNN or PBS or C-SPAN. Not that real knowledge is a requirement for writing at Yahoo. Its standards seem to be lower than a snake’s belly.

    • Laura Says:

      I think you’re right about Yahoo!’s editorial standards — if they exist at all, they’re pretty low. I love your assessment of the writer. I, too, wondered how someone could be ignorant of Fair Isle sweaters.

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