I’m dyin’ here

I’m dying to know why the editor for the Yahoo! front page doesn’t know the word euthanasia:


The new Gingrich

Hate the old Newt Gingrich? Well, now there’s a totally new Gingrich who might just appeal to you. You can read more on the Yahoo! front page:

A new new year

It’s a new way to spell new year on the Yahoo! front page:

Although New Year’s Eve is a proper noun, new year is just a common one.

Whoever thinks this is right

Whoever thinks that this is correct, please call the lead editor at Yahoo! Shine; I think they have a writing job for you:

See, Shine doesn’t require that writers actually be familiar with the English language and grammar. If you think you’ll sound more intelligent and educated by using whom instead of who and whomever instead of whoever, you might fit right in. Never mind that the correct word is whoever (because it’s the subject of the verb); whomever just sounds so much brainier.

If you don’t think there’s a difference between two words that sound alike (but are spelled differently and have different meanings), then you should join the hordes of Shine fans, who seem to be oblivious to mistakes like this:

And if you think any lady looks chic shopping at Target, apply now to Shine. But if you think there’s a word missing that totally changes the meaning of this sentence, you may be too smart for the job:

Is everyone out of the office?

I think the regular editors over at the Yahoo! front page have left the building. Amateurs seem to have taken control of yahoo.com, making more than the usual number of mistakes.

I’m guessin’ that the B-team consisted of third-grade dropouts who left school before the lesson on forming the possessive women’s:

It must have been the same day that the teacher covered the subject of proper nouns (the ones that need a big letter) and common nouns (like caucus):

OK, maybe I shouldn’t expect a third-grade dropout to know the difference between a fiancé (who is male) and a fiancée (who is female), so this is forgivable, right?

Time to declare martial law

Time to declare martial law in order to protect the English language from the grammatical gangsters writing for Yahoo! Finance:

This is bad on so many levels.

That’s a whole different Excalibur

There are a whole lot of  mistakes for your reading pleasure on Yahoo! TV. Let’s start with the remnants of this sentence and the mismatched pronoun its and its plural antecedent remnants:

This is a whole ‘nother spelling of Mykelti Williamson’s name:

If the writer meant that Excalibur is a whole new kind of place, she’d be right because Excalibur isn’t a place (except for the hotel in Vegas), it’s actually a sword:

And that’s a whole ‘nother Anjelica Huston and Brian d’Arcy James:

Bad place for a typo

Oops. Can you think of a worse place for a typo than the Yahoo! front page?


It’s an incredibly awkward typo on Yahoo! TV:

Correct grammar gets rarer

Grammatical errors get more and more common on the Yahoo! front page:

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