It just keeps getting worse

It starts off bad and just gets worse in this article about the auction of Liz Taylor’s jewelry on Yahoo! Shine:

Cache (pronounced cash) is a hiding place or a computer’s storage buffer (hence the term cache memory). The word the writer wants is cachet, which is a mark or quality of distinction or individuality.

Perhaps her issues with the English language is a lifelong problem:

It might explain the writer’s difficulty with finding the right word:

Ms. Taylor did not inherit a diamond brooch from the Duchess of Windsor, as implied by the misused passed down.

Using a dollar sign and the word dollar isn’t the worst mistake a professional writer could make. Not being able to count beyond 2 is considerably worse:

The bid on the necklace didn’t skid into double digits (that would be somewhere between $10 and $99), but into eight digits. It was the number of millions that went into double digits. But that’s not the worst of this article.

Waiting for the worst? Here it is:

There’s an incorrect hyphen after the adverb highly, followed by the redundant in addition and also. A mysterious bit of an insult to Ms. Taylor ensues with the “hopelessly garish romantic” (I have no idea what that means, but I suspect it means the writer doesn’t know the definition of garish). The undercapitalized foundation (it’s part of the name of the nonprofit organization), and the allegation that AIDS is a virus (it isn’t). Will someone explain to me how diamonds pave a legacy? Did she mean they cemented her legacy? Yeah, ’cause that’s like paving.


What do you think?

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