That’s a whole different Excalibur

There are a whole lot of  mistakes for your reading pleasure on Yahoo! TV. Let’s start with the remnants of this sentence and the mismatched pronoun its and its plural antecedent remnants:

This is a whole ‘nother spelling of Mykelti Williamson’s name:

If the writer meant that Excalibur is a whole new kind of place, she’d be right because Excalibur isn’t a place (except for the hotel in Vegas), it’s actually a sword:

And that’s a whole ‘nother Anjelica Huston and Brian d’Arcy James:


2 Responses to “That’s a whole different Excalibur”

  1. Miranda K. Says:

    This is great. The article is supposed to be about TV and the writer can’t spell every star’s name right? Absolutely astounding.

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