Maybe the writer was wasted

How can you write an article about a singer-song writer and misspell his name — not once, but five times? The only feasible explanation I can come up with for this embarrassment on Yahoo! Games is that the writer was totally wasted:


2 Responses to “Maybe the writer was wasted”

  1. CortlandWriter Says:

    Accountability is a wonderful thing! Are there no editors to check for this very thing before publication? If so, it’s even sadder than we realize. It’s truly a shame the people in those editorial positions fail to catch errors such as these!

    • Laura Says:

      The spelling of your subject’s name is such an easy thing to check. And it would be easy for an editor to spot the mistake, but I don’t know if this particular article passed under the nose of an editor. I believe that Yahoo! employs editors, but not all of them are competent.

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