How do you hang an airport?

I should have stopped reading when I saw this photo caption at the top of an article on Yahoo! News‘ “The Ticket”:

Thinking the missing apostrophe might be a simple oversight, I made the mistake of reading the article. Dumb! I don’t know why anyone (including me) would believe a reporter who thinks this is a city in Florida:

It’s not; the city is Fort Myers. A journalist who doesn’t bother to Google the city to get its name right (or who doesn’t have an editor to do it for him) doesn’t inspire confidence. So, I was a bit skeptical when I read something about an airport hanger:

Is that a clothes hanger in an airport? Or something that hangs an airport, because if it is, I’d pay to see that. I wonder if it would also hang the airport’s hangar and all the planes stored inside it.

I continued reading and quickly stumbled. While vague, this sentence makes no sense to me:

Just in case you thought the reporter made a typographical error with the hanger banger, he repeats his choice of hanger:

I still don’t know how you hang an airport.


2 Responses to “How do you hang an airport?”

  1. CortlandWriter Says:

    It is obvious that this “reporter” is more focused on demeaning Gingrich and his followers than employing correct usage, etc. To the writer of this article, the message is more important than the way it’s presented. He’s just too eager to nail the candidate and is blind to the choice of words he puts down in doing so. (For the record, I’d truly love to see an airport “hanger!”)

    • Laura Says:

      I don’t think Yahoo News will ever be known as fair, balanced, and unbiased. And there seems to be a rush to get an article published — regardless of the state it’s in — corrections (if they’re made at all) can be made later.

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