Completely, totally, wholly mammoths

Holy moley! A complete mammoth has been spotted in Siberia, and Yahoo! News‘ “The Sideshow” has the deets:

The Wholly mammoth seems to look a lot like a woolly mammoth:

The similarities are so eerie that I’m beginning to think that the writer is an idiot and just doesn’t know how to spell woolly mammoth:

If you believe everything you hear or read, you should not be reading anything written by a Yahoo! reporter. You’ll wind up thinking that omitting words is OK, that here is what you do with your ears, and that had began is grammatically correct:


4 Responses to “Completely, totally, wholly mammoths”

  1. CortlandWriter Says:

    Ah, yes…the daily cavalcade of riveting reportage from Yahoo! News never ceases to amazet! It just never stops. And just when I had began to think their was hope for them writers…

    • Laura Says:

      There’s really no hope, unless Yahoo invests in some competent editors. But I have the feeling that’s not going to happen because the company doessn’t seem interested in the quality or accuracy of its content.

  2. Selma K. Says:

    If you ever do a Top 10 of the worst mistakes made by yahoo, this has got to be included. Unbelievable.

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