Another day’s worth of errors

Joking! This isn’t a full day’s worth of errors that will appear on the Yahoo! front page. It’s just one more goof:

The expression seven nights worth includes the quasi-possessive seven nights, which needs an apostrophe. Omitting the apostrophe is a mistake Yahoo! has made before.


2 Responses to “Another day’s worth of errors”

  1. ghostofawriter Says:

    I love reading the mistakes you find. I know I have and always will make mistakes. Noone is perfect and I am probably as far from it as you can find.

    • Laura Says:

      You’re right (or “your write” as Yahoo staffers would have it). No one’s perfect — not even me. But when professional writers make a mistake it reflects on their employer as well as themselves. You’d think that one of the biggest Internet companies in the world would have higher standards. Heck, you’d think they would at least have ANY standard.

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