Because walking on a tail is too hard

This just in! A dog walks on its paws. It’s breaking news like this that keeps me coming back to the Yahoo! front page:


After after all

It’s an extra after on the Yahoo! front page. But what can you expect? This isn’t The New York Times after after all:

Another fine job!

It’s another fine job of proofreading over at Except for the whole Kenny Chesney misspelling thingie:

It’s a neighborhood! Watch!

Watch! Did you see that neighborhood on the Yahoo! front page? No? That’s because it isn’t there! It should be, but it isn’t.

Wait for it!

Some things are just worth waiting for. Take this little paragraph from Yahoo! Movies — it’s got some great grammatical gaffes. But the best goof is the last. And it’s worth wading through the misplaced period (in the U.S., it belongs before the closing quotation mark), the factual error (the Pickford-Fairbanks marriage actually lasted 16 years), the misspelling of Charlie Chaplin, and the incorrectly named Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Did you wait for it? It’s hilarious, isn’t it? Who the heck thinks Mr. Fairbanks resided as the first president? We all know he resided in Pickfair.

About 1 in 88 readers knows this is wrong

Are you one of those people who can spot a grammatical error from across the room? Or right in front of you? Did you notice this mismatched subject and verb and the misspelled sibling on the Yahoo! front page?

If you did, you’re that special 1 in 88 who knows that one is singular and demands a singular verb.

The not-new news

Sometimes news outlets recycle yesterday’s news, if it’s still relevant. But, the recyclers who decide what’s displayed on the Yahoo! front page aren’t too worried about relevancy — or accuracy.

Today’s oral arguments in front of the Supreme Court didn’t happen. The last of the arguments took place yesterday. I don’t know when this tidbit was first published, but you’d think that it would be removed (or updated) by noon PST the next day, wouldn’t you?

A bettter lotttery

Q: What would be better than this?

A: If the folks working on the Yahoo! front page actually had some proofreading skills.

Different day, same crap

Just yesterday I posted a few easy-to-spot errors on the home page of Yahoo!’s site for women, Shine. Today, they’re back on  Yahoo! Shine in a slightly different form, but with those embarrassing goofs intact.

There’s the wrong title of Madonna’s video, which is actually “Girl Gone Wild”:

and the writer’s inability to distinguish one woman from many:

I guess this just proves that the original errors weren’t mere typos. Sigh.

Stop trying so hard

Oh, lordie, if you’re the writer for Yahoo! Movies, you really need to cool it with the big words:

Eviscerate? Remnants of a mythological barrier? These big words — I do not think they mean what you think they mean.

Eviscerate means to disembowel or remove a vital part of. And further eviscerate probably has something to do with more disembowelment. Maybe you can further eviscerate a cow, since it has more than one stomach. But can you further eviscerate the remnants of a mythological barrier? A mythological barrier isn’t a real barrier, is it? It’s an imaginary barrier and therefore not much to disembowel.

I’m sooo confused. But not as confused as you.

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