Next time I’m at McDonald’s, I’m ordering the paper snf baseballs

Oh, boy! Ahoy! I’m jonesin’ for paper snf baseballs, which I’m going to order next time I’m at McDonald’s. I’d never heard of them before, but I read about them in this article from Yahoo! Shine:

I’m just going to finish reading this article before I hit the Golden Arches. Unfortunately, I keep stumbling over some words, and it’s just slowing me down:

So far, the writer hasn’t won me over with her writing. She has, however, astounded me with her ability to create never-before-seen homophonic errors:

My gripe is less with the writer than with her employer, who lets her get away with publishing this crap.

and this crap:


6 Responses to “Next time I’m at McDonald’s, I’m ordering the paper snf baseballs”

  1. ghostofawriter Says:

    Occasional typos are one thing, but its becoming more obvious by the day that they are hiring writers who do not speak English as their native tongue. This is another example of how outsourcing is killing North America…overseas will produce one (poorly written) article for a fraction of a grammatically correct one produced by a North American.

    • Laura Says:

      I thought this was written by someone whose native language isn’t English, too. Sadly, the author, Piper Weiss, was born and raised in Manhattan. She’s listed as a “senior editor” for Shine. I just don’t know how to explain the kind and number of mistakes she makes every day. The post I wrote just before this one was on an article written by her, too. She really has a very limited command of English grammar, punctuation, spelling and common idioms. One article by her contained more than 50 errors.

      I guess editorial quality is not a priority for Shine or Yahoo!. As long as people click on the headlines and leave comments, Yahoo! gets more advertiser dollars. Truly sad.

      • ghostofawriter Says:

        I’m wondering if she is hiring a foreign ghostwriter. I get way underbid on a lot of jobs that are listed for “American publications”

        • Laura Says:

          That could explain the errors. Even so, wouldn’t you at least run a spell-checker on the text? Or proofread it before publishing? I just don’t know what goes through the heads of Yahoo!’s staffers and management.

  2. Jersey Gil Says:

    What the heck is “paper snf baseballs” a typo of? Usually I can figure out what the writer meant, but this is way beyond my abilities.

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