What day was that?

Hmmm. Was 2011 a leap year? Did I miss February 29 last year? Nah, it’s just that the writer for Yahoo! Shine has made one huge, laughable mistake:

She’s also neglected to put a comma after that fictitious date, used has instead of he, and somehow thinks offense is a substitute for offensive. Yeah, this whole thing was an offense to her readers.


2 Responses to “What day was that?”

  1. Robert Says:

    Ha! I posted the same thing the other day, after seeing the same article posted on Yahoo! Canada. http://detectederrors.blogspot.com/2012/03/this-writing-offends-me.html

    • Laura Says:

      Gawd, you mean that published this mess outside the U.S.? Ya gotta love the Internet — there’s a chance to embarrass yourself in every English-speaking country on the planet. You did me one better — I totally overlooked the misquote of the T-shirt. Good one!

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