What did she miss?

Is there any writing mistake that the senior editor for Yahoo! Shine failed to make in a single article?

She manages to post this bit of nonsense, proving she doesn’t check anything after she publishes it:

She shows her ignorance of homophones site and sight:

Her preference for variant spellings (gamey instead of the preferred gamy), her inability to control her use of the Shift key (turning an elk into the incorrect Elk), and her wobbly proofreading skills are the highlight of this caption:

Let’s not forget the grammatical nightmare that is this undecipherable mess:

Reinforcing her total disregard for the correct use of capital letters, she turns this common noun into a proper one:

and this proper noun into a common one:

Finally, thumbing her nose at her readers and the lovers of language everywhere, she continues with a capital offense:

Is there any writing error she neglected to display?


What do you think?

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