Stop trying so hard

Oh, lordie, if you’re the writer for Yahoo! Movies, you really need to cool it with the big words:

Eviscerate? Remnants of a mythological barrier? These big words — I do not think they mean what you think they mean.

Eviscerate means to disembowel or remove a vital part of. And further eviscerate probably has something to do with more disembowelment. Maybe you can further eviscerate a cow, since it has more than one stomach. But can you further eviscerate the remnants of a mythological barrier? A mythological barrier isn’t a real barrier, is it? It’s an imaginary barrier and therefore not much to disembowel.

I’m sooo confused. But not as confused as you.


4 Responses to “Stop trying so hard”

  1. Portia D. Says:

    That has got to be one of the worse sentences ever written. Do people actually get paid to write stuff like that?

    • Laura Says:

      It’s bad. I think that Yahoo! just has very low standards (or maybe no standards) when it comes to the quality of its writers. I can’t imagine being so bad at your professional and still be able to hold a job.

  2. Grammar lover Says:

    OMG! My high school English teacher would have thrown my paper back at me if I had ever written a paper containing a sentence like that.

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