Why should you care?

A young actress named Selma Blair
Breastfed her baby without a care.
But when her name was misspelt
The Yahoo! Shine editor felt
“Tell me, why should I care?”


I’m just going to say it

I’m just going to say it: The person who wrote this for the Yahoo! front page is an idiot:

Ms. Palin will not be a co-host on “Good Morning America.” Her gig is on “The Today Show.” That’s like a totally different morning show on a totally different network. But I quibble.

Is this a form of dyslexia?

If transposing letters in a word is a symptom of dyslexia, is transposing words in a sentence a symptom of hyper-dyslexia? I ask because writers over at the Yahoo! front page seem to have a genuine problem getting the order of words right.

It’s not just once:

but it’s at twice least they screw up order word:

Downgrading the euro

Like other currencies of the world (including the dollar, peso, and franc, the euro is not a proper noun. The brainiacs writing for the Yahoo! front page need to downgrade this euro:

Yahoo! sets worst Internet record

It’s only a slight exaggeration to say that the Yahoo! front page writers have set the record for worst headline on a major Internet portal:

Adam Sandler’s record can’t be any worse than the record set by the yahoo.com crew.

Tutu much

It’s an over-the-top mistake on Yahoo! Music. The writer sees more “gaudy roses” than I do.

You’re under arrest

If you’re responsible for this misspelling on Yahoo! Movies, please turn yourself in to the authorities — before the sheriff comes to take you in:

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