Olympic-size error

Aw, geez. Doesn’t anyone working at Yahoo! Shine proofread? Uh, no.


That’s no way to treat the first lady

This is the most insulting headline I’ve ever read on the Yahoo! front page:

What kind of statement is that to make about our first lady? Yahoo! isn’t even trying to hide its disgust for Mrs. Obama. Do we need to start a “Boycott Yahoo!’s Advertisers” campaign?

What was your favorite ‘boneheaded error’?

When it comes to picking the worst error found on Yahoo!, I just can’t decide. This is actually not one of the most egregious, it’s just one of the most common and today it’s on Yahoo! Music:

The question mark belongs after the closing quotation mark because the entire sentence is a question. The words within the quotes don’t form a question. But you knew that.

Would that be like a soldier?

There was a time when my son would put on a camouflage uniform, modeled after the US Army’s desert camo, because he wanted to be “an Army man.” It’s been many years since I heard that term, but it’s now on the Yahoo! front page:

It was cute when my son called himself “an Army man.” But he was only 3. It’s not so cute on yahoo.com, a page presumably written by adults. Maybe even former soldiers, who would probably prefer the more mature appellation.

Are we raising anti-intellectuals?

Are we raising grammatically challenged ignoramuses, who fear the labels of “intelligent” and “educated”? Maybe that’s why the so-called editors of Yahoo! Shine continue to prove their disdain for the English language and grammar. Are they just trying to show they’re “one of the regular folks” with this misplaced apostrophe?

The expression is “mama’s boys.”

Getting your keister kicked

The spelling-challenged writer for the Yahoo! front page should get his or her keister kicked for this blunder:

It’s a new Gingrich

Mitt Romney likely finds it easy to defeat Newt Gingrich for the Republican presidential nomination. I wonder how he feels about that other contender — A Mr. Ginrgich. I’m sure the geniuses working on the Yahoo! front page will keep us informed.

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