Deep asleep?

Was the editor asleep when writing veep on Yahoo! News?

I ask because someone else (or maybe the same editor) who works (allegedly) for Yahoo! News wrote this:

It’s not too hard to look up the capitalization of this word. Someone needs to show those people how to use Google.


No!. Not that!.

Good grief! What kind of education did the Yahoo! Shine writer get? Did it include anything about English grammar and punctuation? Anything? Maybe she was out the day her third-grade teacher told the class not to use both an exclamation mark and a period at the end of a sentence.

Did the teacher also say something about making sure your sentences weren’t sense-free? It was probably unnecessary — except for one little girl who missed the whole point.

But I quibble. So far, Yahoo! Shine is getting raves from unexpected critics. OK, I made that up. In fact, I have no idea what that would mean. I was just parroting what the writer told me:

How to becoming an editor

What to be a professional editor? Have a minimum grasp of the English language? No problem! There could be a job for you at Yahoo! Shine!

Close, but wrong

This is almost Chris Diamantopoulos on Yahoo! Movies, and that”s close enough for Yahoo!:

How much does the White House pay for Twitter?

How much does Twitter charge the feisty White House campaign? I didn’t bother to read the article that accompanied this headline on Yahoo! News:

Charges? Changes? What’s the difference? If you read it on Yahoo!, it’s probably wrong.

The most abused character

What is the most abused or misused character? I’d say the apostrophe. It gets put where it doesn’t belong and omitted where it does, like here on Yahoo! Music:

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