How many users were there?

You’re probably heard about the Reddit user who posted photos of herself with and without makeup. Now it seems there was more than one user who did the same. That’s according to the folks on the Yahoo! front page:

Of course, those are the same folks who have no idea where to place an apostrophe in a singular possessive. If they did, they would have written user’s.


This is so taxing

Oooooh. This is so hard. I just can’t decide if April 17 (this year’s day for filing tax returns) is a really special day (albeit a dreaded one). If it is, it needs special treatment and Tax Day needs two capital letters. So that’s what I’d give it on the Yahoo! front page:


But if it’s a regular day, I’d call it tax day on

But, but, but… Maybe it really is special. I’m going with those caps:

Oh, God. This is so difficult. I need an Advil. And a nap.

Just starting to drink

Don’t do it! Don’t get started drinking now! Eddie Van Halen’s father, contrary to popular belief, is only just now starting his son on a road to alcoholism. That’s according to the Yahoo! front page:

The party of No?

The Republican Party has been called the “party of no” for its refusal to pass Democratic-proposed legislation in Washington. So maybe that’s why Yahoo! News refers to the governor of Indiana as “Governoe Mitch Daniels”:

Randomness from

It’s just a few random mistakes from Yahoo! front page. They’re the kinds of mistakes you’ll find every day on, like a repeated word:

and a mismatched subject and verb:

and the misspelled Wi-Fi (it’s a trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance):

Am I the only one?

Well, obviously those icons of grammatical integrity, the people who write and edit the Yahoo! front page, don’t care. They don’t care if they look kinda stoooopid for not being able to decide if they should capitalize Buffett Rule here

and here:

They’ve shown they don’t care before. So why do I? I don’t care if they look moronic. But I care if you, dear readers, do. So, I point out these assaults on the sensibilities of language lovers everywhere so that we all avoid making these mistakes.

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