Lady Gaga, Jimmy Buffett collaborate

In an unlikely collaboration, Lady Gaga and Jimmy Buffett have teamed up to create an online game, according to the Yahoo! front page:

According to the article, however, Lady Gaga’s and Jimmy Buffett’s games are quite distinct.

So what’s up? The fact is, the editors have once again misled the public with their bad grammar. Since Ms. Gaga and Mr. Buffett each have a game, each must have an apostrophe and an S to show ownership.


This is supposed to be the news

Keep in mind, this is supposed to be the news. But, when so many mistakes — large and small — appear together the credibility of Yahoo! News suffers.

For a small example: There’s a missing apostrophe here:

and a typo here:

and a mistake that couldn’t be funnier:

(When comparing more than two things of people, use the superlative: funniest.)

This is supposedly Daniel Radcliffe:

Ya gotta admire a “journalist” who isn’t afraid to misspell his boss’s name, which is Ross Levinsohn:

of the name of the mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel:

and somebody else who works for Yahoo! News, who is really Phil Pruitt:

Well, this is the first time this year that Yahoo! staffers attended the dinner?

That’s not exactly news since the dinner is held once a year and it’s the first time this year for all attendees.

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