This is supposed to be the news

Keep in mind, this is supposed to be the news. But, when so many mistakes — large and small — appear together the credibility of Yahoo! News suffers.

For a small example: There’s a missing apostrophe here:

and a typo here:

and a mistake that couldn’t be funnier:

(When comparing more than two things of people, use the superlative: funniest.)

This is supposedly Daniel Radcliffe:

Ya gotta admire a “journalist” who isn’t afraid to misspell his boss’s name, which is Ross Levinsohn:

of the name of the mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel:

and somebody else who works for Yahoo! News, who is really Phil Pruitt:

Well, this is the first time this year that Yahoo! staffers attended the dinner?

That’s not exactly news since the dinner is held once a year and it’s the first time this year for all attendees.


2 Responses to “This is supposed to be the news”

  1. 5 Little Penneys Says:

    Wow. What sloppy writing.

    • Laura Says:

      I could almost — almost — overlook the misspellings in what appears to be tweets, but the other mistakes are unbelievable. Didn’t they have time to proofread? Did this dinner come as a complete surprise and they had to throw together a page of content in 2 minutes?

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