First, it’s a first lady

From Yahoo! Shine, we learn a lot about first ladies. And a lot more about the writer.

First, we learn that the writer has no idea when to hit the Shift key. The unofficial title first lady is not a proper noun:

And neither is administration, even when it is preceded by a president’s name. And there is no National Library. The correct name is the National First Ladies’ Library.

This writer needs help. She might find some aid in a dictionary, which would tell her an aide is a person:

Oh, lord. Again with a National Library, followed by a couple of pretty funny typos:

Even if there weren’t a typo here, this would still be wrong; Mrs. Kennedy did not win a prize for designing an entire issue of Vogue:

Golly, how did this slip past the spell-checker? Oh, yeah. Yahoo! writers don’t believe in spell-checkers. They believe in looking “real” by leaving in all the misspellings:

If you can have 215-odd appearances, why not 215 even appearances? Makes sense:

To a degree, this is correct; it’s just not a master’s degree:

You can learn a lot about America’s first ladies from Yahoo!. But you’ll learn a lot more about Yahoo!’s disdain for correct English and accuracy.

What do you think?

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