Every mother is a saint

If your mother is a saint, you can move her one step closer to official recognition from the Catholic Church this Mother’s Day with beatification:

Thanks to “The Thread” on Yahoo! Shine for this unique gift idea for Mom.

But wait! That’s not all! The brilliant writer behind this article suggests other options, including a Lily Pulitzer dress. (Don’t go looking for that dress online because it’s really a Lilly Pulitzer frock.) Another option has what looks like a Peter Pan collar with a similar style for Mom:

But wait! There’s more! There’s a misspelled superheroes! And there’s that accessories, which is supposed to be accessorize:

Who doesn’t know how to capitalize iPad? This paid professional writer:

Are we done yet? Of course not. The writer suggests you get Mom potted pants, which are something like drunken Levi’s. With mistakes like these, we shouldn’t expect the writer to know the difference between buy and by:

Any reader who managed to get through this article without wanting to spew is worthy of beatification.


2 Responses to “Every mother is a saint”

  1. Martin the Teacher Says:

    This is unbelievable. Doesn’t Yahoo have editors or at least proof readers? This is a disgrace and an embarrassment.

    • Laura Says:

      I don’t know if Yahoo has editors who can actually spell, who are familiar with basic grammar, who can fact-check, who know how to punctuate a sentence. Maybe it does, but they just don’t employ them for some of their sites, like Shine, which is aimed at women. Maybe the company thinks women don’t deserve any better than this crap.

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