False headlines suck: Poll

I took a poll of my doggie Millie and well, me, and we are unanimous: Headlines that don’t tell the truth —  like this one on Yahoo! News — are truly suckish:

Virginia and Florida may have the most well-read cities, but that conclusion isn’t supported by a poll. It’s the result of compilation of sales data.


Peaking out early

If this is the best that the writer for Yahoo! Movies can do, then he or she must have peaked early in life, because most 10-year-olds know this wrong —just by peeking at it:

This is different from correct

This looks a little different from what is grammatically correct:

Of course, it appears on the Yahoo! front page.

Yes, that would be the definition

Yes, well. What can I say? The brilliance of the writers for the Yahoo! front page is matched only by their ability to explain the obvious:

Yes, indeedie. Instant buildings can actually be constructed in “no time.” That would be the definition of “instant.”

Whose rivals?

If you thought Fiat and Volkswagen were rivals, think again. Fiat is, in fact, such an awesome friend of the German auto manufacturer that it’s pulled an epic prank on Volkswagen’s rivals.

Which rivals? I have no idea. I tried reading the accompanying article on Yahoo! News‘ “Yahoo! Tech,” but all I could figure out is that Fiat pranked Volkswagen. No news on VW’s rivals.

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