Who’s responsible for this?

Who’s responsible for this caption on Yahoo! Shine? Who’s made a mistake? Whose mistake is it?

Whoever wrote that doesn’t know that who’s is a contraction for who is or who has.


3 Responses to “Who’s responsible for this?”

  1. Hannah Says:

    This is the work of Piper Weiss, who if you can believe it, is a senior features editor at Yahoo Shine. She has written for The New York Daily News, on VH1’s BestWeekEver.tv, Glamour, etc., which goes to show you the sad state of the written word. Posters on the Shine site are constantly pointing out her mistakes, but to no avail. All I can say is, she must be related to someone important. When I think of the really good writers who can’t find a job and realize that a hack like Weiss can stay in the business, I despair.

  2. Hannah Says:

    Sorry, should have put that comma after the word who.

  3. Laura Says:

    Piper Weiss is probably the worst offender of the language at Yahoo!. I once reported on an article of hers that contained more than 50 (yikes!) errors. Piper has a lot of experience at some legitimate publications, which probably had competent editors to clean up her writing before it was published. Believe it or not, her writing has actually improved in the last year or two, and I suspect it’s due to some editing by someone else not completely comfortable with English. Overall, the state of writing at Yahoo! is a disgrace.

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