The real blooper

Like so many things in life, it is a real mystery how this blooper on the Yahoo! front page goes unnoticed:


4 Responses to “The real blooper”

  1. ramblesofawriter Says:

    I was just wondering – did someone at Yahoo run over your dog at some point in the past?….. 😉

    • Laura Says:

      Not that I know of. Why do you ask?

      • ramblesofawriter Says:

        Just a feeble joke – you seem to have it in for them!

        • Laura Says:

          Oh, I guess I missed that; I must just be in a grumpy mood. I don’t really have it in for Yahoo!, but I do focus exclusively on Yahoo!’s writers and editors because they are professionals whose words are read by hundreds of millions of people around the world. They should be held to a higher standard than the greengrocer who misspells “avocado.” They have the benefit of the Internet for research, spell-checkers, grammar-checkers, and editors, and still make some of the most egregious mistakes imaginable every day.

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