When to use the Shift key

Someone needs to teach the folks who work on the Yahoo! front page when to use the Shift key, because the writers really have no idea what to capitalize.

Maybe you could tell them to look up the correct name of diseases, illnesses, and conditions. That way they’d learn that this should be Bell’s palsy:

Then show them that prefixes before a proper noun don’t get capitalized. This should be pro-Assad:

A title like mayor should be capitalized only when it precedes the officeholder’s name:

The U.S. political parties are proper nouns even when they don’t behave properly. This should be Dems (which is  shorthand for Democrats):

Finally, tyrannosaur doesn’t have a capital T:

You don’t capitalize tyrannosaur, which is a common noun like lion, tiger, and ass.


2 Responses to “When to use the Shift key”

  1. hkollef Says:

    “…which is a common noun like lion, tiger, and ass.”

    I see what you did there! I love your Yahoo! posts.

  2. Laura Says:

    I guess I wasn’t too subtle, huh? BTW, all my examples are from Yahoo! editors and writers.

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