There oughta be a law

I think there ought to be a law that requires all writers for the U.S. version of the Yahoo! front page speak and write English. They should all be required to have the vocabulary of a high school graduate, and know the difference between a mayor and a lawmaker:

The word lawmaker is not synonymous with mayor. A lawmaker is a legislator; a mayor is a public official, the head of a town or city government.


2 Responses to “There oughta be a law”

  1. The ElderBerry Says:

    It looks like they took your suggestion and changed the word “mayor” to “public official.” I almost feel sorry for these people. They clearly are vocabulary-deficient and probably grew up speaking a language other than English. It’s too bad Yahoo doesn’t take more seriously.

    • Laura Says:

      You’d think that a company that bills itself as “the premier media company” would invest a bit in the written word. Ah, well, at least the writers know where to get help.

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