Why would you do that?

Seeing mistakes every day on the Yahoo! front page, I ask myself: How did that happen? How did a mistake like this get past the proofreader?

How did this attempt at mortgage escape the spell-checker?

And why would a writer think you needed to capitalize the word following a semicolon?

And then I think, Oh, yeah. This Yahoo!. Nobody there cares about spelling, grammar, punctuation, or facts. And I go back to doing my Sudoku.


2 Responses to “Why would you do that?”

  1. Ayokunle Falomo Says:

    It’s kind of really sad though…

    • Laura Says:

      I agree. People all over the world read yahoo.com, and get the mistaken impression that this is real English. Sad. But Yahoo has been in a decline for several years and this is just evidence of it, I think.

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