Olympian Hope Solo’s life of crime

Hope Solo, the American soccer star, was conceived in prison. As luck would have it, so was her father:

What’s even more shocking: The Olympian served time for embezzlement.

Did you see what the writer for Yahoo! Shine did there? She created some pretty funny misplaced modifiers. The phrase “conceived in jail…” modifies “father” and “after serving time…” modifies Hope. And no competent editor was around to modify those two sentences.


2 Responses to “Olympian Hope Solo’s life of crime”

  1. Amber Grace Says:

    Does Yahoo have editors or anyone who reads their articles before they are unleashed on the public? I can’t believe this would have gotten past the eyes of an editor. This is really disgraceful.

    • Laura Says:

      I’ve seen some bios of Yahoo1 staffers identified as “editor” and even “senior editor.” But I don’t know if they actually read and edit the articles before they are posted. If they do, then they’re not what I’d call competent.

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