Maybe that was not the best choice of words

Oh, lordie. The kids are at the keyboard again at Yahoo! Movies:

They’re flexing their vocabulary muscle and trying to show us that the Word-a-Day Calendar really can improve your word power. Unfortunately, the choice of the word seminal, when referring to Marilyn Monroe and her alleged affairs, is perhaps not the best one.

Was abound one of this week’s new words? Someone should have mentioned that abound implies many, so there’s a bit of a redundancy there. I guess Mafia wasn’t one of the vocabulary words, so the writer didn’t know it should be capitalized.

I wonder if there is something like a US-History-a-Day Calendar. If there is, we should all chip in and buy one for the Yahoo! staffers. Then the writer might realize that “both Kennedy brothers” really has no context in this paragraph and that there weren’t just two Kennedy brothers of the same generation as Ms. Monroe. In fact, there were four Kennedy brothers, only half of whom were rumored to be involved with the actress.


2 Responses to “Maybe that was not the best choice of words”

  1. kat Says:

    Seminal . . . OMG, how perfect . . .

    • Laura Says:

      I’d like to give the writer the benefit of the doubt and chalk that up to a weak attempt at punny humor. But then I realized this writer isn’t sophisticated enough to create a pun.

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