Thanks for the help, I think

Whenever I see the word costar I mentally pronounce it as cost-er. So I was happy to see that the writers for the Yahoo! front page chose to put a hyphen in the word. Voila! I could pronounce it:

Except that someone else disagrees (it happens a lot at Yahoo!):

Which is correct, costar or co-star? I don’t know. I’d have to consult a dictionary. Maybe Yahoo!’s writers should, too.


2 Responses to “Thanks for the help, I think”

  1. Wyrd Smythe Says:

    Wiktionary and my American Heritage Dictionary both agree that “co-star” and “costar” are acceptable; the latter the alternate to the former. Oddly, AHD only allows “coworker” whereas Wiktionary allows the optional hyphen.

    Good thing. Not sure I want to work with cow orkers (even if I knew what an “orker” was).

  2. Laura Says:

    It took me years to read “cooperate” as “co-operate” and not “coop-erate.” And I hate “coworker” because I read it as “cow-orker.” Maybe in time I’ll be able to read all those words with the prefix co- (but without the hyphen) correctly.

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