Let’s just lop that off!

Some writers have a special talent for humor. And some writers are funny, but not intentionally. That’s the case with this gal who writes for Yahoo! Shine. Her writing always makes me chuckle, especially when she tries to expand her limited vocabulary by using words in new, creative ways. Like the word lob, which means “to throw in a high arc.” Using it here is just so funny:

Do you think the writer knew that lop would have made more sense in that context? As for the apostrophe in what should be its: I wish she had just lopped that off.

Her use of punctuation is kinda fun, too. Like the quotation marks that imply maybe the dude’s name really wasn’t Buddha:

The character was Hermione Granger and she doesn’t need a comma separating her from her verb. And here, having a bit of mischievous fun, the writer decides to split a haircut:

It’s not a generic bandage; ACE is a trademark:

Ooh! Ooh! Now haircut gets an unnecessary hyphen:

And I have no idea what she’s trying to communicate here, but I suspect there’s a word missing:

See? I told you this writer was funny!


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