What is wrong with yahoo.com?

There are always errors on the Yahoo! front page, but it seems that lately they have multiplied. Could the Internet giant be outsourcing the writing to a non-English-speaking country? Or are internal changes and a drop in stock price responsible? Terrible typos, capitalization catastrophes, grammatical goofs, wayward words, and pointless punctuation abound. What’s behind all the errors?

Even when the day isn’t going your way, don’t you think you should proofread to make sure you used the correct word?

Even if you’re under a tight deadline, wouldn’t you check the capitalization of Jean-Claude Van Damme’s name?

And couldn’t you do a quick read, just to see if you omitted a word?

Don’t you think a professional journalist would know that Western is capitalized when it refers to a region of the United States?

Shouldn’t you expect a writer or editor to know that the correct word is that, and not which? Wouldn’t you think that a writer would decide if Taliban is plural or singular, but not both?

Couldn’t you spot a typo that never should have seen the light of day?

Isn’t it common knowledge that an apostrophe isn’t used to create a plural of years or decades?

What’s going on at yahoo.com? Or is this just what readers can expect from now on?


What do you think?

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