You really can’t put it just anywhere

You know, when you want to form the plural of a word, you generally just add an S. At the end.
At the end of the word that should be plural, not at the end of the word after it. Makes sense, no? Apparently not to the writer for the Yahoo! front page:

See, the writer is trying to tell you that the names have a meaning. There are multiple names and each has a meaning. Not one name with many meanings.

This is one of those stupid mistakes you find on Yahoo! that doesn’t deserve the space it takes to explain it.


2 Responses to “You really can’t put it just anywhere”

  1. intelligenteditingblog Says:

    Hi, Laura. So it sounds as if the correction would be “names meaning.” Wouldn’t “names’ meanings” be better? I think “meanings” should remain plural, to avoid the impression that a group of names has a collective meaning. What do you think? Also, I wonder about the hyphenation of “Chun Li.”

    • Laura Says:

      Hi! I think you’re right that there needs to be an apostrophe to indicate the plural possessive “names’.” I’m not sure about which is correct, “meanings” or “meaning.” I guess I should do a little research on that one. As for Chun-Li, the hyphen appears to be correct, at least according to

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