And you can’t spell Mads Mikkelsen, either

A writer who claims to have written for major U.S. magazines and newspapers is probably used to having an editor clean up her messes before they are published. What a surprise for her now that she’s writing for Yahoo! Movies. There are no competent editors to correct her repeated misspelling of Mads Mikkelsen’s name and one of the funnier comments to come from Yahoo! in the last few hours:


2 Responses to “And you can’t spell Mads Mikkelsen, either”

  1. HB Says:

    Her article is full of irony, it’s hilarious. I thought they’d reveal a punchline by now counting how many times these mistakes have happened!

    • Laura Says:

      I read things like this and I don’t know if I should laugh or cry. Is there any other profession where you can make so many horrifying mistakes in front of millions of people and still hold your job?

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