That would be fine for Ryan Reynold

This would be okie-dokie-artichokie if the actor’s name were Ryan Reynold. Alas, it is not and the writer for Yahoo! Shine just looks kinda dumb:

The actor is Ryan Reynolds. And no matter how hard you try, you just can’t force an apostrophe in his name to form a possessive.

There’s disagreement in the world of grammar nerds as to how to form the possessive of a name ending in S. According to the Associated Press (which is followed by much of the U.S. media), you form the plural by adding just an apostrophe: Reynolds’. But other authorities require an apostrophe and an S: Reynolds’s. And others, like Yahoo!, have no standards so writers are free to create new and unusual possessive forms.


2 Responses to “That would be fine for Ryan Reynold”

  1. The Grammar Belle Says:

    I am definitely in the “Reynolds’s” camp!

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