Another day, another halloween

It seems that every day in October, someone who writes or edits for Yahoo! forgets that Halloween is a proper noun and that it needs a capital letter — preferably the H. This time it’s on the home page of Yahoo! Shine:


2 Responses to “Another day, another halloween”

  1. Ansel Blue Says:

    When my daughter was in third grade, one of her spelling tests in October included autumn-related words. One of them was Halloween. She learned to capitalize it when she was 8 years old. How can an adult, who is paid to write, not know how to spell it correctly?

    • Laura Says:

      Good question! I have no idea how someone gets through elementary school, much less high school and college, and not know the basics of the language that Yahoo!’s writers and editors clearly lack. Quality is just not a requirement for a job at Yahoo!, I guess.

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