A Hall of Fame mistake

There are gaffes — silly mistakes like hyphenating Hall of Fame. It doesn’t have hyphens, even when it’s used as an adjective. And then there are really moronic mistakes. You’ll find both in a few words on the Yahoo! front page:

The moronic mistake? The allegation that Bill Parcells is a Hall of Fame coach. Bill Parcells is not in the Hall of Fame.


2 Responses to “A Hall of Fame mistake”

  1. Matt S. Says:

    This has finally been corrected on Yahoo.com. I cannot imagine the shame and embarrassment these people must feel to make a stupid mistake like that and not catch it themselves. There is no justification for making that kind of error and for not doing any kind of editing or fact-checking before it goes before millions of people. This is why Yahoo will never be a leader in news or even online media.

  2. Laura Says:

    I think the person or persons responsible for the frequent factual errors on Yahoo! are just happy to have a job. Goodness knows they couldn’t get one at a legitimate news organization.

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