It’s not OK

Are you OK with this? Is it OK to use two lowercase letters as they have on the Yahoo! front page?

It’s not OK with me. I would have thought any high school graduate would know that it’s OK. Maybe the people who write for know that, but the O and K keys on their keyboards aren’t working correctly. That could happen. Something definitely went wrong here:

and here:

So let’s just blame it on a keyboard malfunction. OK?


3 Responses to “It’s not OK”

  1. lauren davis todd Says:

    I think it is only going to get worse! A lot of texting going on these days. I have read blogs where no letters are capitalized. Kids in high school can get away with printing everything they write in upper case. Basic grammar isn’t always taught in some California schools, with the belief that kids will pick it up from reading. I believe in life long learning, because it matters to me. Obviously, to some of the Yahoo writers, it doesn’t.

    • Laura Says:

      It has been getting worse — and much more quickly than in the past. I’ve seen those blogs where the writer eschews capital letters as if they’re being clever and inventive (I guess they never read ee cummings). I understand that language evolves and changes, but with so many ways for some many people to communicate, including texting and social media, there won’t be any “rules” in the future to help ensure we actually understand each other.

      • lauren davis todd Says:

        Irony at its purist! Becoming less able to communicate In the age of multi communication tools. Well, we reap what we sow! I don’t communicate in writing with people who can’t write intelligently, as it seems to mirror their thinking. Having taught for many years, I believe that writing is the hardest skill to teach and to learn.

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