Member when?

Remember when professional writers took pride in their work? That was some time before Al Gore invented the Internet. And probably before this writer was born:

I can’t imagine anyone old enough to vote would use member instead of remember. But then, I can’t imagine a professional writer who wouldn’t look up the spelling of Caesars Palace:

Or who doesn’t know that Renee is a female’s name and that Celine Dion is married to René Angélil:

Remember when writers took pride in their work?


2 Responses to “Member when?”

  1. Krumble1 Says:

    Remember when those who blogged about the English language proofread posts before they submitted them? What happened to this one? “Doesn’t not”—either a double negative, which is terribly wrong on all accounts, or a typo. I’m inclined to go with the latter. Do us readers a favor: incorporate a little proofreading; it makes life more bearable.

    • Laura Says:

      Yowzer! Thanks for pointing out that mistake. I’ve corrected it. And in spite of my efforts to proofread, sometimes a mistake slips through. But I think with over 7000 posts and counting, I’m allowed the occasional typo. Not that I excuse it. I welcome feedback from readers — especially those who help improve the writing here.

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